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    Subject to approval by the voters of Alexander County in a referendum conducted at the time of the general election in 2024, sets out the following provisions.

    Specifies that the Alexander County Board of Education (Board) consist of seven members who are nominated and elected on a partisan basis at the time of the general election in each even-numbered year as terms expire. Requires elections to be conducted in accordance with GS Chapters 115C and 163. Requires, for electing the seven members to the Board, that the electoral district boundaries be as they were adopted by the Board under SL 1991-253, as amended. Requires candidates be nominated and elected by the qualified voters of each district, with candidates residing in the district for which they seek election. Requires for positions elected on a nonpartisan basis in 2022 or 2024 that Board vacancies arising during a term of office be filled for the unexpired term by majority vote of the remaining members. Requires, however, beginning in 2026, that positions elected on a partisan basis be filled in accordance with GS 115C-37.1 (vacancies in offices of county boards elected on partisan basis in certain counties) for the remainder of the unexpired term.

    Specifies that this act does not affect the terms of office of any person elected to the Board in 2022 or 2024 and requires those members, or any member appointed to fill a vacancy for one of those members, to serve until a successor has been elected and qualified.

    Effective the first Monday in December of 2026, makes a conforming change to GS 115C-37.1.

    Repeals SL 1969-774, which concerns the election of the Board, and other laws in conflict with this act.

    Specifies that the above provisions apply beginning with elections conducted after the referendum.