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  • Summary date: Mar 2 2023 - View Summary

    Amends GS 115C-366 to require that for students in middle and high school in Onslow County Schools, the local board of education establish zones of attendance reflecting the capacity of each school building and assign students to the middle or high school that is geographically closest to the student's residence. Requires reassigning students to the next school geographically closest to the student's residence when the closest school has reached capacity. Allows assigning students to other schools to participate in magnet or other special programs, with parental consent.

    Allows students enrolled in a middle or high school in Onslow County in the 2022-23 school year to, in the discretion of that student's parents, remain enrolled in that school until the student completes the grades offered at that school, rather than attend the school with capacity that is geographically closest to that student's residence. Except as just stated, requires Onslow County Schools to assign students to the geographically closest school in accordance with GS 115C-366, as amended by this act, beginning with the 2023-24 school year.