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  • Summary date: Mar 9 2023 - View Summary

    AN ACT TO CHANGE THE THOMASVILLE CITY BOARD OF EDUCATION FROM APPOINTED MEMBERS TO ELECTED MEMBERS. SL 2023-1. Enacted March 9, 2023. Effective March 9, 2023, unless provided otherwise.

  • Summary date: Feb 14 2023 - View Summary

    House committee substitute to the 1st edition makes the following changes. Amends Section 2 of the act to no longer require that the election for members of the Thomasville City Board of Education be conducted in accordance with the applicable provisions of GS Chapter 115C (Elementary and Secondary Education). Makes an additional clarifying change. 

    Makes technical and clarifying changes to Section 3 of the act, which provides for staggered terms of initial members elected in 2023 as well as for elections in 2025 and 2027. Also makes technical changes to Section 5 of the act. 

  • Summary date: Jan 26 2023 - View Summary

    Provides for the election of the five-member Thomasville City Board of Education (Board) on a nonpartisan basis for staggered four-year terms, beginning in 2023. Requires using the nonpartisan plurality method under GS 163-292, with elections held pursuant to GS 163-279, and candidate filing pursuant to GS 163-294.2. Establishes voter eligibility to be any voter residing in the Thomasville City Schools Administrative Unit. Requires conducting the election pursuant to state election laws under GS Chapter 163, except as described. Requires filling vacancies pursuant to GS 115C-37(f). 

    Provides for staggered terms of initial members elected in 2023. Deems terms of serving members to expire upon the qualification of members elected to the Board in 2023.  

    Repeals the following: Section 8, SL 1901-262; SL 1965-88 (providing for appointment of the Thomasville School Board by the city council for staggered two-year terms); and Section 504, Article V, SL 1981-211 (Charter of the City of Thomasville, providing for Board election by the city council pursuant to SL 1965-88). 

    Applies to elections conducted on or after the date the act becomes law.