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  • Summary date: Apr 7 2021 - View Summary

    Enacts GS 126-8.6, requiring eligible State employees, defined to mean employees employed full-time in a permanent, probationary or time-limited position having been continuously employed by the State agency for at least 12 months immediately preceding their first request for paid parental leave, to be granted eight weeks or 320 hours of fully paid parental leave. Requires each State agency head to adopt and implement the State employee paid parental leave program as follows. Requires parental leave to be granted upon verification of a qualifying event so long as the employee provides 10 weeks' notice of the intention to use parental leave unless good cause exists for not giving timely notice. Requires parental leave to be granted on a prorated and equitable basis for part-time State employees who work at least half-time. Mandates that parental leave be in addition to shared leave or other leave authorized by federal or state law, and requires the leave to be available without exhaustion of the employee's sick and vacation leave. Allows agency discretion in granting parental leave subject to public safety concerns. Bars using parental leave for retirement purposes and provides that parental leave has no cash value upon termination of employment. Specifies that the statute does not grant a private right of action.

    Enacts GS 126-5(c17), making new GS 126-8.6 applicable to all State employees in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.