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  • Summary date: Mar 17 2021 - View Summary

    Recodifies GS 58-50-30(a3) as GS 58-50-27(b). Enacts GS 58-50-27 to govern insurance coverage of chiropractic services as follows. Defines health benefit plan and insurer by statutory cross-reference, and defines licensed chiropractor. Updates and adds to the recodified language, now prohibiting an insurer from offering a health benefit plan that imposes any limitation on treatment or level of coverage performed by a licensed chiropractor acting within the scope of the chiropractor's practice unless a comparable limitation is also imposed on the medically necessary treatment if performed or authorized by any licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner (previously only referenced licensed physicians). Enacts the following new provision. Specifically prohibits insurers from offering a health benefit plan that imposes, as a limitation on treatment or level of coverage, a copayment amount charged to the insured for chiropractic services that is higher than the copayment amount for services of a licensed primary care physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner for a comparable medically necessary treatment or condition. Applies to insurance contracts issued, renewed, or amended on or after October 1, 2021.