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  • Summary date: Mar 11 2021 - View Summary

    Allows New Bern, Bridgeton, Oriental, and Trent Woods to do the following.

    Allows making, adopting, and enforcing ordinances for the navigable waters within its municipal limits and within its extraterritorial jurisdiction as to: (1) operation of boats and vessels and types of activities conducted on the navigable waters within the municipal limits; (2) restriction of the anchoring and mooring of boats and vessels as to location and generally to regulate the anchoring and mooring of vessels within the navigable waters within the municipal limits; (3) placing and maintaining channel aids and markers, anchoring aids and markers, and navigational aids and markers; (4) making all reasonable rules and regulations necessary for the safe and proper use of the navigable waters; and (5) providing for the enforcement of ordinances adopted under this act. 

    Provides that the State or federal rule or regulation prevails over the local ordinances to the extent of the conflict when there is a conflict between any local ordinance adopted under this act and rules or regulations of the Wildlife Resources Commission, the Department of Environmental Quality, the US Coast Guard, or the US Army Corps of Engineers.

    Gives fully sworn municipal law enforcement officers authority to enforce any local ordinances adopted under this act and allows municipalities to appropriate funds to carry out the act.