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  • Summary date: Feb 25 2021 - View Summary

    Identical to S 150, filed 2/24/21.

    Amends the Charter of the City of Morganton, SL 1975-180, as amended, as follows.

    Amends Section 2.14 to require the City Council (Council) to fill an unexpired mayoral term within 90 days following the vacancy, by majority vote (currently, no time period is included). Removes the clarification that the vote of the mayor is not required of the Council's vote determining mayoral inability to perform the duties of the office. Makes technical changes.

    Makes technical changes to Section 2.15 concerning mayoral powers and duties. No longer specifies the appointing power for advisory, boards, commissions, and committees is for the mayor's information and assistance. 

    Repeals Section 3.12, which mandates that the City conduct city government elections unless otherwise provided by the Council.

    Makes language gender neutral in Sections 4.11 and 4.12 concerning the city manager.

    Amends Section 4.21 to require the city manager to appoint a city clerk (currently, the Council is required to designate the city manager as city clerk). Details the duties of the city clerk, expanding upon the existing duties. Authorizes the city manager to appoint or provide one or more deputy city clerks with the full authority granted to the city clerk as the city manager specifies. 

    Amends Sections 4.41 and 4.42 to no longer specify that the mayor is not included as a voting member of Council when creating commissions, councils or boards except in cases of equal division. Makes technical changes.