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  • Summary date: May 26 2020 - View Summary

    Requires owners, managers, operators and persons who otherwise control congregate living settings to require all staff working on the same premises as residents of the congregate living setting to undergo COVID-19 testing at least one a week. Defines congregate living setting to include nursing homes and other residential care facilities, other than correctional facilities, designated as such by the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR). Requires DHSR to enforce the requirements and distribute free sufficient tests and personal protective equipment, within available appropriations, to conduct weekly testing.

    Directs the State Controller to transfer $12 million in nonrecurring funds from the Coronavirus Relief Reserve to the Coronavirus Relief Fund (both established by SL 2020-4) for the 2019-20 fiscal year. Appropriated the nonrecurring transferred funds to the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) to be allocated to DHSR to purchase and distribute specified COVID-19 testing and personal protective equipment free of charge to each applicable congregate living setting. Provides for the funds to remain available until December 30, 2020.

    Clarifies that the act does not bind the NCGA to appropriate funds for the act's purposes or entitle any congregate living setting or its staff to receive funds.

    Directs DHSR to report to the specified NCGA committees by March 1, 2020, on the use of appropriated funds, including identification of recipient congregate living settings of tests and personal protective equipment.

    Sunsets the above provisions on the date the Governor rescinds Executive Order No. 116.