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  • Summary date: May 15 2020 - View Summary

    Includes whereas clauses.

    Amends GS 160A-321 to allow a city to lease a part of the city-owned public enterprise to be operated and used as a component of a wired or wireless network without a vote of the people. Makes any such lease subject to Article 12 (Sale and Disposition of Property).

    Enacts new GS 153A-460 giving cities and counties authority to purchase, lease, construct, and operate facilities to support intragovernmental services for the city or county's internal governmental purposes; specifies that this includes wired or wireless network facilities.

    Amends GS 143C-128.1C, concerning public-private partnership construction contracts, by adding that the term "public-private project" also includes a capital improvement project undertaken for the benefit of a city or county according to a development contract that includes construction of components of a wired or wireless network in conjunction with or as part of another of the city or county's construction projects. Specifies that this does not authorize a city or county to unilaterally provide high-speed internet broadband service, or specified types of related infrastructure. 

    Appropriates $50,000 in nonrecurring funds for 2020-21 from the General Fund to the Department of Information Technology, Broadband Infrastructure Office, to assist local governments in planning and implementing broadband infrastructure expansion. Effective July 1, 2020.