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  • Summary date: May 14 2020 - View Summary

    Requires the hourly rate of the minimum salary for all noncertified public school employees to be at least $15 per hour and requires the State Board of Education (SBE) to increase the minimum of salary grades and ranges as necessary. Allows funds provided to local school administrative units under this act to be used to supplement the salaries of noncertified public school employees whose salaries are supported from non-State funds to meet the required $15 per hour rate. Prohibits the funds from being used to supplant already provided funds.

    Appropriates $110 million in recurring funds for 2020-21 from the General Fund to the Department of Public Instruction to implement the act. Reenacts the provisions of the State Budget Act (GS Chapter 143C) and incorporates them into the act by reference. Specifies that except where expressly repealed or amended in this act, the provisions of any other act enacted in the 2019 Regular Session that expressly appropriates funds to an agency, department, or institution covered by this act, remains in effect. Provides that if H966 (2019 Appropriations Act) becomes law and any provision of the act or the committee report conflict with this act, then this act controls.

    Effective July 1, 2020.