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  • Summary date: Apr 11 2019 - View Summary

    Amends GS 143-64.03 by adding that when the State Surplus Property Agency distributes computer equipment to nonprofits that refurbish computers and donate them to low-income students or households, the equipment must be distributed at no cost or the lowest possible cost to the nonprofit.

    Adds that nothing in this Article (governing surplus property), or the rules made under the Article, prohibits UNC from conveying surplus computer equipment for free to nonprofits that refurbish computers to donate to low-income students or households. Requires that any such conveyance to a nonprofit be conditioned upon, and in consideration of, the nonprofit's promise to refurbish the computer equipment and its donation to low-income students or households in the State, and the nonprofit's reporting of required information. Prohibits UNC, after an initial conveyance, from conveying additional surplus computer equipment to a nonprofit, unless that nonprofit has met reporting requirements for the prior conveyances. Sets out record keeping requirements. Requires nonprofits to report to the UNC Board of Governors annually by August 1, starting in 2020. Requires the Board of Governors to report the collected information to the specified NCGA committee annually by October 1, beginning in 2020.