Bill Summaries: S318 PARENTS' RIGHT TO KNOW.

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  • Summary date: Mar 20 2019 - View Summary

    Enacts GS 115C-81.32 to require local boards of education to maintain a continuous repository of current objectives, entire curricula, texts, and all other materials used in any program, defined as any instruction, curricula, or materials intended to impart information or promote discussion or understanding regarding reproductive health and safety, mental and emotional health, growth and development, and anti-bullying and anti-harassment. Requires the materials be maintained at a central location for in-person review by parents and the public upon request, with specified electronic copies and related links posted to the local school administrative unit's website. Additionally, requires local boards to add materials proposed for adoption, amendment, or modification to the central location and electronic repository, clearly indicating their status while under consideration. 

    Requires local boards to give written and electronic notice to parents of students participating in a program each school year within 14 days before students participate in the program, of the right of parents to review the program's objectives, complete materials, and entire curriculum in the program repository. Specifies required contents of the notice.

    Requires local boards to adopt policies to provide opportunities either for parents to consent or withhold their consent to the students' participation in any or all of the programs.

    Provides a procedure for local boards to adopt, amend, or modify a program, including (1) 10 days' public notice of a public hearing prior to adoption and (2) 60 days' electronic and written notice of the public hearing and the opportunity to review the materials in the program repository to all parents and students in the unit, with specified information included in the notice. 

    Makes conforming repeal of GS 115C-81.30(c), regarding parental review and consent to student participation in the programs. 

    Specifies that local boards are not required to hold a public hearing for any program in use prior to the 2019-20 school year, until the program is amended, modified, or replaced. Requires all local boards to establish a program repository of current programs for access to parents prior to the start of the 2019-20 school year, and prohibits local boards from implementing any program until the program is included in the repository.

    Applies beginning with the 2019-20 school year.