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  • Summary date: Mar 11 2019 - View Summary

    Authorizes Manteo to make, adopt, and enforce ordinances for the navigable waters within its municipal limits as to: (1) operation of boats and vessels and types of activities conducted on the navigable waters within the Manteo municipal limits; (2) restricting the anchoring and mooring of boats and vessels as to location and generally regulating the anchoring and mooring of vessels within its navigable waters; (3) placing and maintaining channel aids and markers, anchoring aids and markers, and navigational aids and markers in conformity with the US Aids to Navigation System and the rules of the Wildlife Resources Commission as adopted for use on the waters of the state; (4) making all reasonable rules and regulations as it deems necessary for the safe and proper use of the navigable waters within Manteo's municipal limits; (5) providing for the enforcement of ordinances adopted by Manteo under this act. State or federal rules or regulations supersede the city ordinance in the event of a conflict. Gives duly sworn law enforcement officers of the city the authority to enforce ordinances adopted under this act. 

    Adds the described property, which includes navigable waters, to Manteo's corporate limits and exempts it from taxation by Manteo.

    Effective July 1, 2019.