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  • Summary date: Mar 5 2019 - View Summary

    Adds to the definition of Indian Cultural Center site in Section 1, SL 2013-186, to further describe the property by identifying the conveyance to the Lumbee Tribe recorded in the Robeson County Registry. 

    Amends Section 4, SL 2013-186, regarding the sale of Parcel 1, as defined by Section 1, SL 2013-186. Current law requires the Department of Administration to first offer Parcel 1 to the Lumbee Tribal Administration for purchase, subject to four specified covenants that would run with the land, with the land reverting to the State upon a violation of the covenants. Removes three of the covenants which (1) required the land be made and remain available for use by NC tribes and American Indian urban organizations, (2) prohibited subdividing the parcel, and (3) prohibited the sale or lease of the parcel's natural resources. Maintains the covenant requiring the land be made and remain open and available for public use. 

    Amends GS 105-275, exempting from the tax base real and personal property located on lands conveyed to a State-recognized Indian tribe, described in GS Chapter 71A, where the sums paid for the purchase were returned to the tribe. 

    Appropriates from the General Fund to the Lumbee Tribe of NC an amount equal to the sum paid to the State in connection with the conveyance of the Indian Cultural Center site and the sum paid for ad valorem property taxes by the Lumbee Tribe of NC for the Indian Cultural Center site.