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  • Summary date: May 29 2018 - View Summary

    Directs the Greene County Board of Elections (Board) to conduct a pilot program whereby absentee ballots are mailed to all properly registered voters in a municipality or sanitary district in the county for elections held on November 5, 2019, upon adoption of a resolution by the municipality or sanitary district.

    Directs municipalities or sanitary districts in Greene County to adopt a resolution requesting that absentee ballots be mailed to registered voters in that municipality or district and submit the resolution to the Board. Requires the Board to compile a list of qualified voters in the respective municipality or district and send notifications to each regarding the absentee ballot pilot program and to verify the voter's address. Directs the Board to mail absentee ballots to a registered voter only if the notification was not returned as undeliverable. Requires absentee ballots to otherwise comply with the requirements and procedures for absentee ballots under Article 21 of GS Chapter 163A. 

    Directs the Board to make reasonable efforts to educate Greene County residents about the pilot program.

    Authorizes the Board to establish a centralized voting place for election day, November 5, 2019, upon mailing absentee ballots to registered voters of municipalities or sanitary districts pursuant to the act. Requires the Board to otherwise comply with the requirements for precincts and voting places under Part 1 of Article 20 of GS Chapter 163A.

    Applicable only to Greene County, amends GS 163A-1310(b)(1), providing that absentee ballots are to be transmitted to the Board by mail in the preaddressed envelope, postage paid upon return, or by commercial courier service (currently, by mail or commercial carrier at the voter's expense).