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  • Summary date: Dec 15 2016 - View Summary

    Amends GS 143B-6, which establishes principal state departments (cabinet agencies), to remove the Department of Information Technology (department) as a principal state department under the direction and control of the Governor and establishes the department as an executive branch agency operating independently from the Governor and General Assembly.

    Amends GS 143B-1320(a)(18), making the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) an independent officer and not a member of the Governor's cabinet.

    Amends GS 143B-1322(a) repealing the Governor's authority to appoint the CIO and vesting appointment authority in the Lieutenant Governor subject to confirmation by the General Assembly, and requiring the Lieutenant Governor to submit the nomination to the General Assembly by May 1st in the year of appointment; establishes the CIO's term as five years beginning on July 1, 2017.  Makes other technical and conforming changes.

    Amends GS 143B-1342 repealing the Governor's role in the dispute resolution process involving departmental decisions to deny or suspend information technology projects and vesting the CIO with the sole authority to render dispute resolution determinations.

    Amends GS 143B-1335 to make technical and conforming changes.

    Provides that the current CIO shall continue to serve in this position on an interim basis until June 30, 2017.

  • Summary date: Dec 14 2016 - View Summary

    To be summarized.