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  • Summary date: Apr 24 2013 - View Summary

    House committee substitute makes the following changes to the 1st edition. Amends GS 120-296 to add the programs, organizations, operations, and policies of the General Assembly, and any other agency under the jurisdiction of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on General Government or the Senate Appropriations Committee on General Government, to those that are to be studied by the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on General Government.

  • Summary date: Feb 26 2013 - View Summary

    Adds new Article 34 to GS Chapter 120, establishing the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on General Government (Committee) consisting oftwelve members with six members of the Senate appointed by the President Pro Tempore and six members of the House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Provides criteria regarding term lengthand the filling of vacancies.

    Declares the purpose and powers of the Committee. Delineates the agencies for which the Committee is to study the programs, organization, operations, and policies. Provides for the organizational structure of the Committee. Provides that whenever a department or agency as set out in subdivision (a)(1) of GS 120-296 is required to report to the General Assembly or to any of its permanent committees or subcommittees that the department or agency provide a copy of the report to the co-chairs of the Committee.