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  • Summary date: Jul 2 2013 - View Summary

    AN ACT TO ALLOW THE CITY OF EDEN TO NEGOTIATE ANNEXATION CONTRACTS. Enacted June 27, 2013. Effective June 27, 2013.

  • Summary date: Apr 30 2013 - View Summary

    House amendment to the 1st edition makes the following changes. Deletes the section describing the properties that contracts under Section 1 of the act applied to and instead provides that contracts under Section 1 of the act apply only to the Miller Brewing Company Tracts I and II as described in SL 2002-74, Section 4.

  • Summary date: Feb 21 2013 - View Summary

    Allows City of Eden to enter contracts agreeing not to annex specified property prior to December 1, 2038. Describes the properties for which the city may negotiatethe contracts. Provides that nothing in this act impairs the right of the General Assembly to annex the described properties by specific local act. Specifies that this act does not affect the validity of SL 2002-74, which restricts certain annexations by the City of Eden through December 31, 2013. Specifies that the annexation contracts are to provide formulas for calculation of payments in lieu of taxes to be paid on the properties.