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  • Summary date: Apr 20 2015 - View Summary

    Enacts new GS 146-70.1, Use of State land for equestrian activities; creation of trails by volunteers, providing that equestrian groups can enter into agreements with state officials for the authorization to use specific state lands for equestrian purposes. Sets out six specific requirements and limitations for such usage agreements, including clarifying that no property right is conferred through such usage.

    Provides that state officials can exclude or remove state lands from such usage agreements for specified reasons, including when it is determined that such use would cause verifiable harm to the state lands or the environment or would result in expenses to the state.

    Provides process for the denial of an application or for the removal of lands from a usage agreement, requiring state officials to contact the North Carolina Horse Council and the related equestrian group regarding such decisions, giving them the opportunity to show cause why the proposed decision should not be taken.

    Directs the Secretary of Administration to publish and maintain a repository of such usage agreements on its website. Requires officials entering into such contracts to forward an electronic copy of the usage agreement and related documents to the Secretary of Administration within seven days of entering, amending, or canceling the agreement.

    Sets out definitions for use in this section, including appropriate state official and usage agreement.