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    Beginning with 2012 statewide primary, amends GS 163-166.7(a) and GS 163 -227.2(b) to require a person voting to present government-issued photo ID or identification document listed in GS 163-166.12(b) (e.g., utility bill, bank statement). Voter who does not have such document must complete an affidavit saying that voter is the person on registration roll and verifying name, address, and birthdate. False affidavit is Class I felony.
    Specifies various actions state and county election boards are to take to educate voters about identification requirement, including information on websites, publication in state voter guide, and public service announcements. Appropriates $450,000 from General Fund for fiscal 2011-12 for implementation, with $100,000 to State Board of Elections, $250,000 to county boards of elections based on number of registered voters, and an additional $100,000 to county boards in counties subject to Section 5 of Voting Rights Act. Also appropriates $150,000 from General Fund to State Board for fiscal years 2011-13 for investigator for voter fraud. Authorizes use of Help America Vote Act funds for educational activity. Appropriations effective July 1, 2011.