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  • Summary date: Mar 3 2015 - View Summary

    As the title indicates, revokes all existing applications made by the North Carolina General Assembly to the United States Congress, which call for a convention to propose amendments to the US Constitution. Additionally, the Generally Assembly urges all other state legislatures that have applied to Congress to call a constitutional convention to also repeal and withdraw their respective applications. Directs the North Carolina Secretary of State to send certified copies of this joint resolution to the secretary of each state, to the presiding officers of both houses of the legislatures of each state, to the Secretary of the United States Senate, to the Clerk of the United States House of representatives, to the members of Congress of the United States representing North Carolina, and to the Administrator of the US General Services Administration, Washington, D.C.

    Presents a series of "whereas" clauses setting forth the reasons offered to support the need for this proposed joint resolution.

    Provides that this resolution is effective upon ratification.