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    As the title indicates. Declares that the North Carolina General Assembly requests that the United States Congress propose an amendment to the US Constitution to affirm that: (1) the rights protected by the US Constitution are the rights of natural persons only; (2) spending money to influence elections is not protected speech under the First Amendment; (3) the privileges of corporations, limited liability companies, labor unions, and other artificial entities, for profit and not for profit, are not to be construed as being inherent or inalienable and are subject to regulation by the people via federal, state, or local law; and (4) nothing in the proposed amendment is to be construed as abridging freedom of the press.

    Directs the Secretary of State to transmit a certified copy of this joint resolution to each member of North Carolina's delegation to the US Congress. Provides that this resolution is effective upon ratification.

    Includes a series of "whereas" clauses regarding the January 21, 2010, ruling by the United States Supreme Court inCitizensUnitedv. Federal ElectionCommissionand the resulting consequences of that ruling as to corporate spending in elections.