Bill Summaries: H922 ANNEXATION REFORM.

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  • Summary date: May 5 2011 - View Summary

    Rewrites GS 160A-36(c) to delete language forbidding the area of streets and street rights-of-way from being used to determine total acreage under the statute. Further rewrites GS 160A-36(c) to define an area developed for urban purposes as an area developed so, at the time of the approval of the annexation report, all tracts in the area to be annexed are for commercial, industrial, governmental, or institutional purposes, and deletes all other definitions. Amends GS 160A-37 by adding new subsection (d1) providing that no annexation ordinance may be adopted under Part 2 unless the owners of a majority of the tracts proposed for annexation have consented in writing.
    Makes conforming changes to GS 160A-48 in Part 3 of Article 4A of GS Chapter 160A.
    Effective with respect to annexation ordinances adopted on or after the date the act becomes law.