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    Enacts new subdivision (4) to GS 18B-1105(a) authorizing distillery permit holders to sell spirituous liquor that is distilled on the premises to visitors to the distillery for consumption off the premises. Requires that the spirits be sold in closed containers. Restricts sales under this subdivision to areas where establishing an ABC store has been approved under GS 18B-602(g). Directs that the spirits sold at a distillery under this subdivision be sold at a price set by the ABC Commission, including all excise taxes, bottle charges, and sales tax, and requires that the taxes and bottle charges be remitted to the Department of Revenue. Limits the authorization under this subdivision to a distillery that makes less than 100,000 proof gallons per year. Limits the amount of liquor that a consumer may purchase under this subdivision per calendar year and limits the hours and days of retail sales of spirituous liquor under this subdivision to the hours and days of sales provision in GS 18B-802. Requires that spirits sold under this subdivision have a label on the bottle that has the words "North Carolina Distillery Tour Commemorative Spirit" in addition to any other labeling required by law.

    Amends GS 18B-1001(19) to expand the locations where free tastings of spirituous liquor may be held to include trade shows, conventions, shopping malls, beverage festivals, street festivals, holiday festivals, agricultural festivals, balloon races, local fundraisers, and other similar events approved by the ABC Commission. Specifies that any person pouring spirituous liquor at a tasting must be an employee of the distillery owned by the permit holder, as well as at least 21 years old. Provides that the liquor used in the consumer tasting event must be distilled at the distillery that is owned by the permit holder conducting the event (was, at the distillery where the event is being held).

    Amends GS 18B-301(f)(1) to create an exception to the unlawful possession or use provisions for tasting events authorized under GS 18B-1001(19), as amended in this act, held on a public road, street, highway, or sidewalk.

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