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  • Summary date: Mar 17 2015 - View Summary

    House committee substitute makes the following changes to the 1st edition.

    Makes additional technical changes to the courses of study statutes including technical changes to capitalization of catch phrases, revisions to punctuation, re-lettering and renumbering of subsections and subdivisions, and recodifying of the substantive content of some of the repealed statutes. Makes conforming changes to clarify statutory references.

    Removes references to the Basic Education Plan (BEP) and replaces it with the term "standard course of study," and makes conforming changes to other statutes.Adds reference in GS 115C-81.5 to adoption of a plan of education by the State Board of Education.Deletes the term "English language" in GS 115C-81.5 to remain consistent with text from repealed GS 115C-81. Clarifies in GS 115C-81.20 that an alcohol and drug use prevention education program must be approved, consistent with text in repealed GS 115C-81. Amends GS 115C-81.70 to clarify that the types of instruction required for Disability and Health Awareness Month instruction may include any of the indicated measures.`

  • Summary date: Jan 29 2015 - View Summary

    Repeals GS 115C-81, GS 115C-81.1, GS 115C-81.3, and GS 115C-81.4, all concerning the Basic Education Program for North Carolina's public schools, and recodifies them in the following new statutes, GS 115C-81.5 (Standard Course of Study), GS 115C-81.10 (Career and Technical Education), GS 115C-81.15 (Conflict Resolution and Mediation Models), GS 115C-81.20 (Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention Education), GS 115C-81.25 (Health Education), GS 115C-81.30 (Reproductive Health and Safety Education Provided by Local School Administrative Units), GS 115C-81.35 (Honors-Level Courses in Healthful Living Education), GS 115C-81.40 (North Carolina History and Geography), GS 115C-81.45 (Classes Conducted in English; Citizenship; and Civic Literacy), GS 115C-81.50 (Student Councils), GS 115C-81.55 (Current Events), GS 115C-81.60 (Character Education), GS 115C-81.65 (Financial Literacy), GS 115C-81.70 (Disability History and Awareness), GS 115C-81.75 (Cursive Writing), GS 115C-81.80 (Multiplication Tables), and GS 115C-81.85 (Instruction in American Sign Language). Also recodifies portions of the repealed statutes into the existing GS 115C-47, concerning the powers and duties of local boards of education. Makes technical, organizational, and clarifying changes to the recodified statutes. Deletes any occurence and focus on the "Basic Education Plan" in favor of a "Standard Course of Study." Makes conforming changes regarding the change. Deletes and does not recodify language found in GS 115C-81(a) concerning funding of the Basic Education Program as well as language found in GS 115C-81(b) concerning course requirements and content of the Basic Education Program.  Repeals GS 115C-12(9)c and GS 115C-47(12), both concerning the duties and authority of the State Board of Education and local boards to implement the Basic Education Program. Also repeals GS 120-70-81(a)(2), which authorized the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee to examine the Basic Education Plan.  Enacts new GS 115C-12(9d) clarifying and organizing the NC Board of Education's authority to develop exit standards and graduation requirements. Makes further conforming changes to GS 115C-105.26(b)(2) and GS 115C-174.11(a), making language consistent with the change to a "standard course of study."