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  • Summary date: Apr 11 2011 - View Summary

    Amends Section 18(h) of SL 2010-169 to clarify that Section 18 of SL 2010-169, which amends various provisions regarding certain records open to public inspection, is effective October 1, 2010, and applies to notices of dismissals, suspensions, and demotions for disciplinary reasons taken on or after that date. Additionally provides that Section 18 applies to disclosures of the date and type of each of increase or decrease of salary, and of each promotion, demotion, transfer, suspension, separation, or other change in position classification taken on or after October 1, 2007. Makes conforming changes to GS 112C, 115C, 115D, 126, 153A, 160A, and 162A; and provides that if the disciplinary action was a dismissal, requires a copy of the written notice, if one is created, setting out the specific acts or omissions that are the basis of the dismissal be a public record or be maintained; however, does not require the creation of a notice of dismissal if such a notice is not otherwise required by law.