Bill Summary for S 749 (2013-2014)

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Jun 11 2014

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Senate Bill 749 (Public) Filed Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Intro. by Hartsell, Clark.

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Bill summary

Senate committee substitute makes the following changes to the 1st edition.

Clarifies that the Director of the Division of Public Health of the Department of Health and Human services (DHHS) and the Director of the Division of Medical Assistance, DHHS, are among the state health officials and health care provider licensing boards that are to develop statewide opioid prescribing guidelines for adoption by the health care provider occupational licensing boards. Also clarifies that other state and federal prescribing guidelines should be used as models to define and develop North Carolina's statewide opioid prescribing guidelines.

Clarifies that the acronym, CSRS, represents Controlled Substances Reporting System. Directs DHHS to improve the CSRS contract, and specifies modifications to be made to the contract to do so, including directing DHHS to execute a memorandum of understanding with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to participate in PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program) InterConnect (was, directed that the contract be modified to include interstate connectivity with the states of South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia).

Directs DHHS to apply for grant funding from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to establish the initial connection to PMP InterConnect (was, directed DHHS to use $40,035 of existing grant funding from the Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Program for fiscal year 2014-15 to create interstate connectivity for the drug monitoring program). Additionally directs DHHS to request $40,035 for establishing the connection and $30,000 for two years of ongoing service, maintenance, and support for PMP InterConnect.

Deletes the requirement that DHHS seek grant funding to offset connectivity costs.

Amends the appropriations from the General Fund to DHHS as follows: (1) appropriates $15,000 for fiscal year 2014-15, non-recurring, (was, $10,000 for fiscal year 2014-15 in recurring funds) to cover the cost of annual services fees for the interstate connection for the drug monitoring program and (2) appropriates $40,035 for fiscal year 2014-15 to establish the initial interface for PMP InterConnect as required in this act.Requires that the amounts in each of these appropriations be adjusted or eliminated if DHHS successfully obtains grant awards or is able to identify other allowable receipts for these purposes. Provides that if other receipts are used for either of these purposes, the non-recurring appropriation must revert to the General Fund.

Adds a representative from the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy as a member of the Prescription Drug Abuse Advisory Committee, established in this act.