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Apr 1 2021

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Senate Bill 490 (Public) Filed Thursday, April 1, 2021
Intro. by Hise, Britt, Mohammed.

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Bill summary

Enacts GS 20-24.1(g) to require the Division of Motor Vehicles (Division) to restore a license 12 months after the effective date of revocation pursuant to subsection (a) for either failing to appear at trial or a hearing or to pay court-ordered fines, penalties or other court costs for motor vehicle offenses, if the person furnishes satisfactory proof of motor vehicle liability insurance that complies with state law and is written for a term of at least 12 months; excludes revocation orders entered resulting from a charge of impaired driving. Repeals existing subsection (f), which permits application to a court for a limited driving privilege valid for up to one year for licenses revoked due to failure to pay court-ordered fines, penalties, or other court costs for motor vehicle offenses. Makes conforming and clarifying changes. Makes language gender neutral.

Adds to GS 20-7 to authorize the Division to waive license restoration fees and other service fees if the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles finds that the license holder has shown good cause for not being able to pay the fine. 

Revises the additional period of revocation mandated under GS 20-28.1 after conviction of any motor vehicle moving offense committed while the person's driving privilege was suspended or revoked. Now provides for no additional period of revocation for a first offense under the statute, an addition period of revocation of one year for a second offense under the statute, and an additional revocation period of two years for a third and subsequent offense under the statute, unless the offense was committed while the driving privilege was revoked or suspended for impaired driving, then the revocation is permanent (current law provides for one year revocation for the first offense, two years for the second offense, and permanent revocation for a third or subsequent offense). Adds that a person that applies for a license following revocation under the statute must furnish satisfactory proof of motor vehicle liability insurance that complies with state law and is written for a term of at least 12 months. Applies to offenses committed on or after December 1, 2021. 

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