Bill Summary for H 755 (2021-2022)

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May 4 2021

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House Bill 755 (Public) Filed Thursday, April 29, 2021
Intro. by Blackwell, Torbett, Hardister, Elmore.

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Bill summary

House committee substitute deletes the content of the 1st edition and replaces it with the following. 

Enacts GS 115C-102.1 to require the governing bodies of public school units to ensure the following information is posted on each school's website, organized by subject area and grade level: (1) the lesson plans that were used at the school during the prior school year, identifying, describing, and linking the instructional materials and associated activities; (2) any procedures for the documentation, review, or approval of the lesson plans by the principal, curriculum administrators, or other teachers; and (3) the procedure established by the governing board for requesting an in-person review of instructional material not publicly available online. Specifies that digital reproduction of the materials or separate reporting of material components is not required, and requires listing the teacher as the author when appropriate. Defines instructional material and lesson plan. Requires the governing board to provide access from the public school unit's website to the required information by June 30th annually through a manner specified, with public access maintained by fiscal year. Authorizes the public school unit to provide lesson plans to be updated throughout the school year if all updated are completed by June 30, and use online collaborative software, documents, or spreadsheets to allow multiple users to update content, during the school year. Does not require compliance by a governing body that is responsible for the operation of schools with fewer than 400 students cumulatively.

Amends GS 115C-12, GS 115C-47, GS 115C-238.66, and GS 115C-218.85 to require the State Board, local boards, regional school boards of directors, and charter schools to ensure that the information about instructional materials is displayed on the websites of innovative schools, schools for students with visual and hearing impairments, each school in the respective administrative unit, regional schools and charter schools as appropriate for each authority and in accordance with new GS 115C-102.1.

Similarly enacts GS 116-69.2, and enacts a new subsection to GS 116-235, to provide identical requirements of the Boards of Trustees of the NC School of the Arts and the NC School of Science and Math to ensure that information about instructional materials is displayed on the each school's website for all programs of the School of the Arts and for the School of Science and Math, respectively, in accordance with new GS 115C-102.1.

Similarly amends GS 116-239.8(b), enacting a new subdivision to require chancellors to ensure that information about instructional materials is displayed on the website of laboratory schools in accordance with new GS 115C-201.1.

Applies beginning with the display of instructional materials used during the 2021-22 school year, no later than June 30, 2022.