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May 11 2021

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House Bill 200 (Public) Filed Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Intro. by Adams, Bumgardner, Hanig, Willis.

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Bill summary

House committee substitute (corrected copy) amends the 1st edition as follows.

Adds and defines fixed duration permit and lifetime permit to the defined terms set forth in GS 14-415.10, which sets forth defined terms applicable to Article 54B, which governs concealed handgun permits. Makes organizational changes. 

Revises the proposed changes to GS 14-415.11 regarding concealed carry permits to provide for two types of permits: a fixed duration permit, valid for five years from the date of issuance (aligning with current permitting laws); and a lifetime permit, valid until revoked or surrendered (previously amended to make all conceal carry permits valid until revoked or suspended). Makes conforming clarifications to current law to make provisions which reference permit expiration specifically apply to fixed duration permits. Maintains the proposed change to require permittees to notify the sheriff of the county where the person resides within 30 days of any address change (previously required notification of the issuing sheriff).

Eliminates the previous conforming changes to GS 14-415.11, GS 14-415.18, and GS 14-415.19, and conforming repeals of GS 14-415.16 and GS 14-416.16A. Instead, amends the statutes and further amends Article 54B as follows.

Amends GS 14-415.14 to require a conceal carry permit application to indicate which type of permit the applicant is applying for.

Amends GS 14-415.16, regarding renewals, and GS 14-415.16A, regarding permit extensions and renewals for military permittees, making the provisions applicable to fixed duration permits only. 

Enacts GS 14-415.16B, allowing a lifetime permit holder to apply at any time to have the lifetime permit reissued as a fixed duration permit in the same manner as an application for renewal of a fixed duration permit under GS 14-415.16.

Maintains proposed GS 14-415.17(d) to require sheriffs to provide permittee address changes to the State Bureau of Investigation for inclusion in the statewide list of permittees. Further amends GS 14-415.17 to require lifetime permits and fixed duration permits to bear a clear indication of either the lifetime duration or expiration date on their face as applicable. Adds to the requirements of the issuing sheriff to include in the list of persons issued permits which type of permit is issued. 

Maintains the proposed additional grounds for permit revocation set out in GS 14-415.17 to include that the person is no longer a state resident. 

Revises GS 14-415.19 to set reissuance fees in the same amounts of renewal fees, including the reduced fees set for retired sworn law enforcement officers. 

No longer provides for renewal of permits issued prior to December 1, 2021, and expiring on or after that date, pursuant to existing provisions.

Updates statutory cross-references to defined terms in Article 54B, as reorganized, to GS 17C-6 and GS 14-269.

Maintains the act's effective date, applying to all permits issued or renewed on or after December 1, 2021. 

Changes the act's titles. 

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