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House Bill 764 (Public) Filed Monday, May 3, 2021
Intro. by Wray.

Status: Ref to the Com on Health, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House (House action) (May 4 2021)
H 764

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    Amends GS 131D-4.4A, revising the infection prevention requirements for adult care homes to provide for the prevention of the transmission of all infectious diseases rather than the three previously named. Modifies the requirements as follows. Requires implementing and maintaining within the facility a written infection prevention and control policy (policy) consistent with national standards on infection control (previously, required implementing a written infection control policy consistent with CDC guidelines). Adds a new requirement for the policy to be accessible to all adult care home staff working at the facility. Revises and adds to the required components of the policy as follows. Requires proper disinfection of reusable resident (was, patient) care items used for multiple residents. Requires standard and transmission-based precautions, which must cover respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette, environmental cleaning and disinfection, reprocessing and disinfection of reusable resident devices, hand hygiene, accessibility and proper use of personal protective equipment, and types of transmission-based precautions and when each type is indicated. Adds a new component to cover when and how to report to the local health department suspected or confirmed reportable communicable disease cases or conditions, or communicable disease outbreaks. Adds a component for measures the facility should consider for specific types of communicable disease outbreaks in order to prevent the spread of illness, with five examples such as isolating infected residents and restricting outside visitation. Adds a final new component of the required policy to include strategies for addressing potential staffing issues and ensuring adequate staffing is available to meet the needs of the residents during a communicable disease outbreak. 

    Further revises the required prevention measures of adult care homes to include (1) updating the infection control policy as necessary to maintain consistency with the infection prevention and control guidelines included in the annual course for adult care home supervisors developed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) under GS 131D-4.5C, and (2) requiring the designated on-site staff member charged with directing the facility's infection control activities to ensure all adult care staff is trained in the facility's policy within 30 days after hire and annually thereafter (previously, generally required ensuring staff is trained without timeline or frequency requirements). Adds a new prevention requirement, requiring the facility to ensure implementation of the facility's infection control and prevention policy and related polices and procedures in the event of a communicable disease outbreak identified at a facility or an emerging infectious disease threat. Mandates implementing written guidance or directives specific to the communicable disease or emerging infectious disease threat issued by DHHS or local health department. 

    Effective October 1, 2021.