Bill Summaries: S675 (2013-2014 Session)

  • Summary date: Apr 4 2013 - View summary

    Repeals GS 90-21.5(a), Minor's consent sufficient for certain medical health services.

    Amends GS 90-21.7(a), providing that no physician licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina will provide medical health services for an unemancipated minor for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of (1) venereal disease and other diseases reportable under GS 130A-135, (2) abuse of controlled substances or alcohol, (3) mental illness or emotional disturbance, or (4) pregnancy unless the physician or agent first obtains written consent of the minor and the written consent, acknowledged in accordance with Chapter 10B of the General Statutes, of a parent with custody, legal guardian or legal custodian, a parent with whom the minor is living, or a grandparent with whom the minor has been living for at least six months immediately preceding the date of the minor's written consent.

    Amends GS 122C-221(a), providing that a minor may be admitted to a facility if the minor is (1) mentally ill or a substance abuser, (2) in need of treatment, and (3) has complied with the consent requirements under GS 90-21.7(a). Provides exceptions for the application of GS 122C-211 (Admissions) to the admission of minors under this part, stating that it applies to the extent allowed under GS 90-21.7 (Parental consent required) and except as otherwise provided in this Part.

    Effective October 1, 2013.