Bill Summaries: S389 (2013-2014 Session)

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    Enacts new Article 9G (Military Lands Protection) in GS Chapter 143. Prohibits cities and counties from authorizing the construction of, and prohibits the construction of, a tall building or structure (as defined, includes those that are more than 200 feet high, with specified exceptions) in any area surrounding a major Department of Defense military installation in the state unless the city or county receives a certification issued by the Building Code Council (Council) or proof of the Council's failure to act within the allowed time period. Also prohibits cities and counties from authorizing utility services to any building or structure constructed in violation of the statute. Exempts wind energy facilities and expansions of those facilities from the certification requirement. Sets out information that must be included in an application for certification, including identification of and notice to installations that are located within five miles of the proposed construction and a written "Determination of No Hazard to Air Navigation" from the Federal Aviation Administration. Requires the Council to deny a certification application if the Council finds (1) construction of the building or structure would interfere with the mission, training, or operations of any major military installation and be detrimental to continued military presence in the state or (2) the Council has not received the applicant's "Determination of No Hazard to Air Navigation." Requires the Council to make a decision on an application within 60 days or before the Council's next scheduled meeting, whichever occurs last. If the Council does not act in this timeframe, the applicant may treat the failure to act as an approval of the permit. Provides for enforcement and penalties, with the fine cap set at $5,000. Requires that proceeds of any civil penalties be remitted to the Civil Penalty and Forfeiture Fund.

    Effective October, 1, 2013.

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    To be summarized 3/21/13.