Bill Summaries: S1 (2016 Extra Session 5)

  • Summary date: Dec 21 2016 - View summary

    Adopts the permanent rules of the 2015 Regular Session as the rules governing the 2016 Fifth Extra Session with the following changes: (1) permits the vice-chair of any committee to act as committee chair until the vacant chairmanship is filled by appointment by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate; (2) provides that committees remain comprised of the members that were appointed to those committees during the 2015 Regular Session; (3) sets out requirements for introduced bills, including requiring the title of the document and the name of the Senator(s) presenting the bill to be placed on the e-jacket of the document; (4) limits the resolutions that may be considered to those establishing the rules governing the Fifth Extra Session and adjourning the Fifth Extra Session sine die; (5) allows bills to be filed for introduction any time during which the Senate is in session; (6) sets out the procedure and timing of first reading and referral of bills to committee, including requiring that first reading take place on the day that bills are received from the House and gives the Rules Chair and the President Pro Tempore the discretion to refer bills to a Senate committee or place the bill before the Senate for further readings; (7) requires all bills reported by committee to be given second reading and immediate consideration upon passage; (8) provides that committee amendments or committee substitutes recommended by committee are considered adopted when the committee report is read and any amended bill or resolution or adopted committee substitute may be placed on the calendar for the same legislative day and the original bill or resolution will lie on the table; (9) requires a bill that passes second reading to be placed on the calendar for immediate consideration on its third reading unless it is prohibited by the North Carolina Constitution; and (10) allows same day concurrence with House amendments to and committee substitute for Senate bills.