Bill Summaries: H835 (2017-2018 Session)

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    Sets out General Assembly findings related to cardiac arrest and defibrillators.

    Establishes the 14-member Chain of Survival Public-Private Task Force (Task Force), with specified membership qualifications, to identify, pursue, and obtain funding for the placement of AEDs and training of State employees and public school personnel to take lifesaving actions for those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke, in buildings that house State agencies, services, and institutions, and public schools. The Task Force expires on June 30, 2019.

    Requires the Department of Administration (Department), subject to the receipt of funds, and in consultation with OEMS, AHA, and a qualified vendor or provider of AEDs and training services, to develop and adopt policies and procedures relative to the placement and use of automated external defibrillators in State‑owned and State‑leased buildings. Also requires the Department to developed a medical emergency response plan for all State buildings, facilities, and institutions to facilitate: (1) effective and efficient communication throughout the State‑owned and State‑leased buildings, (2) coordinated and practiced response plans, (3) training and equipment for first aid and CPR, and (4) implementation of a lay rescuer AED program. Requires the Department to develop and update, for each State building, facility, or institution, a maintenance plan that takes into account: (1) implementation of an appropriate training course in the use of AEDs, (2) proper maintenance and testing of the devices, (3) ensuring coordination with appropriate licensed professionals in the oversight of training on the devices, and (4) ensuring coordination with local emergency medical systems on the placement of AEDs.

    Requires the State Board of Education to review the maintenance plan for AEDs developed by the Department and adopt guidelines to be used by local school administrative units for public schools, including athletic facilities.