Bill Summaries: H773 (2011-2012 Session)

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    Senate amendments make the following changes to 3rd edition.
    Amendment #1 makes a conforming change to the title, amends the catch line for Part LXV, and adds a new Section 65.2, which authorizes the County of Transylvania to contract for the design and construction of an animal shelter. Specifies the siting for the animal shelter and provides that the construction is exempt from the requirements of GS 143-128, 143-129, 143-131, 143-132, 143-64.31, and 143-64.32. Allows the use of any combination of design-build, operate, or maintain methods.
    Amendment #2 directs the Department of Commerce, in conjunction with the NC Utilities Commission and North Carolina Solar Center to study the recruitment of offshore wind turbine manufacturers (was, to study the promotion of offshore wind energy generation off the coast of North Carolina). Directs the three entities to jointly submit a final report to the Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations and the Environmental Resources Commission on or before December 1, 2011.
    Amendment #3 deletes Part XLI, which directs the UNC Board of Governors to study the enrollment change funding formula currently used by the university system to predict its enrollment growth and estimate its funding needs.
    Amendment #4 amends Part VIII, Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Justice and Public Safety (Committee), to authorize the Committee to study enforcement mechanisms for laws requiring motor vehicles to maintain insurance, including the use of enhanced technology to assist law enforcement in the identification of uninsured motorists.
    Amendment #5 adds Section 2.43 to authorize the Legislative Research Commission (Commission) to study issues related to the regulation of electronic prescriptions.
    Amendment #6 deletes provisions authorizing the Commission to study matters relating to a hospital operating under a Certificate of Public Advantage (CoPA) and the extent to which a publicly owned hospital should engage in business with an entity having a CoPA. Makes a conforming change.

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    Senate committee substitute makes the following changes to 2nd edition. Deletes contents of previous edition and instead establishes study tasks and topics for specified commissions, committees, departments, and agencies. States that if a study is authorized both in the act and in the Appropriations Act of 2011, the study will be implemented according to the Appropriations Act of 2011, as ratified.

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    Blank bill.