Bill Summaries: H737 (2015-2016 Session)

  • Summary date: Apr 15 2015 - View summary

    Enacts new GS Chapter 163, Article 22N, to establish the North Carolina Public Campaign Fund (Fund) to finance election campaigns of certified candidates and to pay expenses related to the Fund. GS 163-278.352 specifies how the Fund would receive money, which includes taxpayer designations (new GS 105-159.3; effective beginning in 2018), unspent money returned to the Fund, voluntary donations, and surcharges on attorneys who are members of the North Carolina State Bar (amended GS 84-34; effective for 2018 dues).

    GS 163-278.353 specifies the requirements that apply to candidates who want to receive money from the Fund. Any person wishing to receive funds must file a declaration of intent to participate. Candidates for the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals must demonstrate support of candidacy with a minimum number of contributions from registered voter.

    Specifies restrictions on contributions and expenditures that apply to participating candidates. Authorizes participating candidates to revoke a decision to participate within a certain period of time.

    GS 163-278.354 includes special provisions for candidates involved in vacancy elections. GS 163-278.355 specifies how money is distributed from the fund and provides for an independent review of the funding approach every five years. GS 163-278.356 specifies the reporting requirements for candidates.

    GS 163-278.358 authorizes the imposition of a civil money penalty for violations.

    Recodifies GS 163-278.69 as GS 163-278.357, which governs the Judicial Voter Guide. That statute is set to be repealed whenever existing funds to print the Guide are exhausted.

    Makes technical and conforming changes. Unless otherwise specified, provisions are effective when they become law and distributions from the Fund are to begin in the 2018 election year.