Bill Summaries: H691 (2013-2014 Session)

  • Summary date: May 7 2013 - View summary

    House committee substitute to the 1st edition makes the following changes. Deletes the proposed changes to GS 116-143.3(b) and instead adds new (b3) to provide that if the amount of the out-of-state tuition rate for a community college exceeds the amount of tuition assistance available from the federal government for active duty members of the Armed Forces, the amount by which the tuition rate exceeds the amount of the assistance is waived provided that the four specified conditions are met. Provides that the amount of the tuition charged to an active duty member of the Armed Forces eligible to receive the waiver must not be lower than the in-state tuition rate.

  • Summary date: Apr 10 2013 - View summary

    Amends GS 116-143.3, as the title indicates. Effective July 1, 2013.