Bill Summaries: H563 (2019-2020 Session)

  • Summary date: Apr 16 2019 - View summary

    House committee substitute to the 1st edition makes the following changes.

    Further amends GS 115C-301.1 to make conforming and clarifying changes to the existing language to specify that the parameters and requirements regarding duty-free instructional planning time also apply to the proposed duty-free lunch.  

    Changes the act's long title.

  • Summary date: Apr 3 2019 - View summary

    Amends GS 115C-301.1 to require that all full-time assigned classroom teachers employed by public schools or schools receiving State funds be provided with at least 30 minutes of duty-free lunch time on a daily basis during regular student contact hours. 

    Amends GS 115C-105.27 to require the school improvement plan developed by the school improvement team to include a plan to provide a minimum of 30 minutes for a duty-free lunch period on a daily basis for every teacher under GS 115C-301.1, as amended (previously required the plan to include a duty-free lunch period for every teacher on a daily basis or otherwise approved by the school improvement team). Makes technical changes.

    Applies beginning with the 2019-20 school year.