Bill Summaries: H466 (2015-2016 Session)

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    House committee substitute makes the following changes to the 1st edition.

    Amends GS 69-25.1 to require the board of county commissioners of Guilford County to call a special election in the portion of the area that encompasses the Stokesdale Fire Protection District that lies in Guilford County at which qualified voters of the fire protection district vote on the question as to whether to increase the tax collected to provide fire protection in the Stokesdale fire protection district from 10 cents for every $100 of taxable property to 15 cents (was, required the adoption of a resolution by the Stokesdale Town Council requesting a special election prior to the board of county commissioners calling for a special election).

    As the Stokesdale Fire Protection District lies in both Guilford County and Rockingham County, also amends GS 69-25.1 to make the same provisions regarding special elections applicable to the portion of the area of the Stokesdale Fire Protection District that lies in Rockingham County.

    Limits application of the above provisions to Guilford County and Rockingham County.

    Amends GS 69-25.9 to clarify that when an area lies in more than one county, a tax election must be jointly conducted by the board of elections of each county and the cost must be shared equally by all of the counties involved. Makes this section of the act applicable only to Guilford and Rockingham counties.

    Requires that the special elections authorized in this act must be held on the same date in each county.

    Provides that this act is effective when it becomes law and expires as of December 1, 2016, or upon conclusion of the special elections authorized under this act.

    Makes conforming changes to the long title of this act to reflect the changes in the bill content.

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    As title indicates.