Bill Summaries: H263 (2015-2016 Session)

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    AN ACT TO MODIFY THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT IN THE CITY OF TRINITY AND TO CLARIFY THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT, METHOD OF ELECTION, AND DETERMINATION OF ELECTION RESULTS IN THE CITY OF GREENSBORO. Enacted July 2, 2015. Sections 1(a), 2(c), 2(d), and 2(e) are effective the first Monday of December 2015. The remainder is effective July 2, 2015.

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    Conference report makes the following changes to the 2nd edition.

    Requires the General Assembly to revise the districts set out in the act for the Greensboro City Council upon the return of the 2020 federal decennial census, if needed. Allows Greensboro to submit proposed changes to the districts set out in the act to the General Assembly. Increases the number of districts for the Greensboro City Council from seven to eight and amends those districts.

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    Senate committee substitute makes the following changes to the 1st edition.

    Amends the short and long titles.

    Amends Section 1 of the act to provide that it only applies to the City of Trinity. 

    Adds new Section 2 to the act providing that the city of Greensboro operates under the Council-Manager form of government in accordance with Part 2 of Article 7 of GS Chapter 160A. Provides that regardless of Part 4 of Article 5 of GS Chapter 160A and GS 160A-23, concerning electoral districts and reapportionment, the City of Greensboro is prohibited from altering or amending its form of government until after the return of the 2020 federal decennial Census.

    Amends Section 3.01 of the Charter of the City of Greensboro, as previously amended and adopted by the city council, to provide that the city council is to have seven members elected for four-year terms as provided by Chapter II of the Charter, with each elected member residing in and elected from districts. Also provides that the mayor is to be elected for a term of four years in the manner provided by Chapter II. Lists the seven single-member districts with the names and boundaries of voting tabulation districts, tracts, block groups, and blocks specified in the listing as shown on the 2010 Census Redistricting TIGER/Line Shapefiles. Provides criteria for assigning any area within the city that is not assigned to a specific district in this listing of districts. 

    Amends Section 3.23(b) of the Charter to limit the Mayor to voting only in the case of a tie among the council members (was, gave the Mayor the same status as a council member for the purpose of voting) and also provides that the Mayor has a vote in the consideration of the employment, discipline, or dismissal of the City Manager and the City Attorney. 

    Amends Section 3.81 of the charter to clarify that except in accordance with Section 3.23(b) of the charter, the Mayor has no vote and no veto over matters coming before the Council. 

    Declares that regardless of any other provisions of law, GS 163-293 (Determination of election results in cities using the election and runoff election method) applies to elections in the City of Greensboro.

    Provides that this section of the act applies only to the City of Greensboro.

    Amends the effective date provisions of the act providing that Section 1 of the act, which only applies to the City of Trinity in regards to elections, is effective the first Monday in December 2015. Also provides that Section 2(c), 2(d), and 2(e) of the act are effective the first Monday in December 2015, applying to acts of the Mayor of Greensboro on or after that date. Further provides that the voting districts set out in Section 2(c) must be used to conduct municipal elections in 2015 and that the filing period for the 2015 election for the City of Trinity and the City of Greensboro will open at 12:00 noon on July 27, 2015, and close at 12:00 noon on August 7, 2015. Provides that the remainder of the act is effective when it becomes law and applies to elections held on or after that date, and to vacancies occurring on or after that date. 

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    Amends Chapter III of the Charter of the City of Trinity, as enacted by SL 1997-44, as the title indicates. Changes the number of members of the City Council to five (was, eight). Provides for one member (was, two) elected by the qualified voters of the entire city from each of the four wards of the city, and an additional member who resides in the city elected at large. Elects members of the Council to two-year (was four-year) terms. Beginning in 2017 and biennially thereafter, provides that the Mayor is to be selected by the qualified voters of the city for a two-year (was, four-year) term. Prohibits electing members from any ward in the 2015 election; however, provides that in the 2015 election, the member to be elected at-large by all the qualified voters of Trinity, as established in this act, is to be elected.

    Applies to elections held on or after that date and to vacancies occurring on or after that date.