Bill Summaries: H24 (2019-2020 Session)

  • Summary date: Feb 5 2019 - View summary

    Adds to the powers granted to local boards of education in GS 115C-47, authorizing local boards of education to consent to the use of a school as a voting place upon request by the local board of elections. Requires the local board of education to develop a safety plan for the local board of elections to follow to ensure student safety while a school building is being used as a voting place. 

    Amends GS 163A-1046, which currently entitles county boards of elections to demand and use any school titled to a local board of education for the purpose of conducting voter registration or use as a voting place. Now permits boards of elections to request a local board of education for the use of a school, specifically prohibiting the use of the property without the local board of education's consent and compliance with the required safety plan under new GS 115C-47(64). Makes conforming changes to GS 163A-1303 concerning one-stop voting site approval.

    Effective July 1, 2019, and applies to all elections conducted on or after that date.