Bill Summaries: H137 (2017-2018 Session)

  • Summary date: Feb 20 2017 - View summary

    Directs the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on General Government (Committee) to study the feasibility of requiring the Human Resources Commission (Commission) of the Department of Administration to seek status with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as a fair employment practice agency (FEPA) pursuant to section 706 of 42 USC 2000e-5 (Civil Rights Act of 1964) for charges filed by an employee of an employer that regularly employs 15 or more employees. Requires the study to include (1) budgetary requirements from the Commission's expanded duties; (2) enforcement, conciliation, and intake procedures; (3) potential impact on affected employees and employers; and (4) the potential impact on the Office of Administrative Hearings and State agencies. Directs the Committee to report its findings and any legislative proposals to the General Assembly on or before April 1, 2018.