Bill Summaries: H1003 (2021)

  • Summary date: May 19 2022 - View summary

    Appropriates $1 million from the General Fund to the UNC Board of Governors for 2022-23 to be allocated to UNC-Greensboro for the Guilford County Solution To the Opioid Problem (GCSTOP) program for the following three purposes to support its Wrap project: (1) strengthen and maintain existing GCSTOP programs, including specified expansions and purchases; (2) develop a program in partnership with the Guilford County Department of Social Services to support evidence-based family intervention for opioid-affected families; and (3) cooperate with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office, the Greensboro Police Department, and the High Point Police Department on exploring creation of evidence-based diversion programs that could augment the expansion of GCSTOP service. Requires UNC-Greensboro to consult with GCSTOP and report to the specified NCGA committees by May 1, 2023, on the use of these funds. Effective July 1, 2022.