Bill Summaries: H1 (2017-2018 Session)

  • Summary date: Jan 11 2017 - View summary

    Adopts the 2015 permanent rules as the House temporary rules with the following exceptions. 

    Deletes subsection (d) to Rule 21, which provided for no votes to be taken in the House for one week in April during the 2015 Regular Session, as specified.

    Amends Rule 27 establishing the standing committees and permanent subcommittees for the session. Creates the following new standing committees: Homelessness, Foster Care, and Dependency (previously, Children, Youth, and Families); Elections and Ethics Law (was, Elections); Energy and Public Utilities (previously, Public Utilities); and State and Local Government I and II (previously, only one Local Government standing committee). Removes the University Board of Governors Nominating standing committee. Amends Rules 28 to allow, after April 1, 2017 (previously, April 1, 2015), a committee to place a bill on the committee’s agenda for the next scheduled committee meeting if there is a written request which has been signed by at least 2/3 of the members of the committee.

    Amends Rule 31.1 to establish bill filing and crossover deadlines. Local bills must be submitted to the Bill Drafting Division by March 15 and introduced by March 29, by the specified time. Bills recommended by commissions or standing committees must be submitted by February 21 and introduced by March 1, by the specified time. Bills requested by state agencies must be requested by March 7 and introduced by March 15, by the specified time. Public bills that do not go to the Appropriations or Finance committees, joint resolutions, and House resolutions must be submitted by March 30 and introduced by April 12, 2017, by the specified time. Public bills that must go to the Appropriations or Finance committee must be submitted by April 6 and introduced by April 19, by the specified time. Sets the bill crossover deadline as April 27.