Bill Summaries: H1 (2015-2016 Session)

  • Summary date: Jan 14 2015 - View summary

    Adopts the permanent rules for the 2013 Session as the temporary rules for the 2015 Session, with the following exceptions.  Amends Rule 1 to provide that no votes can be held on Sunday, except for votes on motions to approve the journal and to adjourn (previously, no session could be held on Sunday). Amends Rule 2 to require the Sergeant-at-Arms to clear the House five minutes before session convenes.  Amends Rule 16 to give the proponent of a matter that is subject to a motion to table up to two minutes to explain the subject matter if the proponent previously did not explain the matter before the motion to table.  Amends Rule 19 to allow the Vice-Chair of the Rules Committee to call the previous question if the Chair of the Rules Committee is not in the chamber or able to participate in debate. Amends Rule 24 providing that leave of the House to change a vote will not be given if the session in which the vote was taken has been adjourned.  Amends Rule 27 establishing the standing committees and permanent subcommittees for the session.  Creates the following new standing committees: Aging; Alcoholic Beverage Control; Children Youth and Families; Education K-12, Education – Community Colleges, Education – Universities (replacing the Education standing committee); Health (was, Health and Human Services); Judiciary I, II, III, IV (previously, one Judiciary standing committee with three subcommittees); Local Government; Pensions and Retirement; Public Utilities (previously the Public Utilities and Energy Committee); University Board of Governors Nominating; and Wildlife Resources. Removes the following subcommittees from the Commerce and Job Development standing committee: Alcoholic Beverage Control, Biotechnology and Health Care, Energy and Emerging Markets, and the Military and Agriculture subcommittees.  Also removes the Mental Health subcommittee from Health and Human services as well as the Business and Labor, Environmental, and Local Government subcommittees from the Regulatory Reform Committee.  Amends Rule 28 to require the committee chair to set an agenda for each committee meeting.  Also allows, after April 1, 2015, a committee to place a bill on the committee’s agenda for the next scheduled committee meeting if there is a written request which has been signed by at least 2/3 of the members of the committee.

    Amends Rule 31.1 to establish bill filing and crossover deadlines. Local bills must be requested by March 18 and introduced by April 1, by the specified time. Bills recommended by commissions or standing committees must be requested by February 17 and introduced by February 25, by the specified time. Bills requested by state agencies must be requested by March 10 and introduced by March 18, by the specified time. Public bills that do not go to the Appropriations or Finance committees, joint resolutions, and House resolutions must be requested by March 26 and introduced by April 8, 2015, by the specified time. Public bills that must go to the Appropriations or Finance committee must be requested by April 2 and introduced by April 15, by the specified time. Sets the bill crossover deadline as May 7.  Allows members to assign a portion of their ten bill introduction limit to another member electronically in accordance with the procedures established and published by the Principal Clerk. Amends Rule 34 to require bills or resolutions filed for introduction to comply with the procedures established and published by the Principal Clerk (previously, required specified number of copies of bill/resolution in order to be accepted).  Amends Rule 35.1, concerning assessment reports, providing that bills or resolutions which propose a new occupational or professional licensing board or a study to establish such a board is needed, is required to have an assessment report from the Joint Legislative Commission on Government Operations attached to the jacket of the original at the times of the second and third readings.  Amends Rule 36 to require that proposed committee substitutes must have been distributed electronically no later than 9 PM of the preceding calendar day to all of the members of the committee and to the member listed as first sponsor, except by leave of the committee.  Amends Rule 60 to allow the Legislative Services Officer to correct specified typographical errors appearing in House amendments to Senate bills.

    Makes technical changes.