Bill Summaries: S785 (2017-2018 Session)

  • Summary date: May 30 2018 - View summary

    Reenacts GS 20-63(b1)(47) and GS 20-79.4(b)(g) as they existed immediately before their expiration to authorize the Division of Motor Vehicles (Division) to produce and issue an Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity special registration plate. Reenacts and modifies the expired provisions regarding the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity special registration plate set out in subsections (a1) and (b) of GS 20-79.7 and subsection (b39) of GS 20-81.12, establishing a special plate fee of $30 and requiring that $20 of that amount be transferred quarterly to the Education Consortium of North Carolina Inc. for the benefit of scholarships for African-American male students attending accredited colleges and universities (previously, to the Association of North Carolina Alphamen Educational Foundation for scholarships for the benefit of African-American males in the Association attending accredited North Carolina colleges and universities). Further amends GS 20-81.12(b39), as reenacted, eliminating the requirement that the Division must receive at least 300 applications for the special plate before it can be developed. Effective July 1, 2018.