Bill Summaries: S704 (2021-2022 Session)

  • Summary date: Apr 8 2021 - View summary

    Repeals Section 59.2 of SL 2013-413, which required the Commission for Public Health to implement 15A NCAC 13B .0105 (Collection and Transportation of Solid Waste; "rule") by means of not requiring vehicles or containers used for the collection and transportation of solid waste to be leak-proof, but allowing the Commission to require that these containers be designed and maintained to be leak-resistant in accordance with industry standards. Required the Commission to adopt a permanent rule to replace the rule, substantively identical to the implementation provisions provided.

    Directs the Commission to readopt a rule substantively identical to 15A NCAC 13B .0105, Collection and Transportation of Solid Waste, as it existed on August 22, 2013. Requires the Commission and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (intends Department of Environmental Quality) to implement the rule as it existed prior to the effective date of SL 2013-413 until the effective date of the readopted rule.