Bill Summaries: H911 (2019-2020 Session)

  • Summary date: May 6 2019 - View summary

    House committee substitute to the 1st edition deletes the content of the previous edition and replaces it with the following. Includes whereas clauses.

    Requires the NC Department of Information Technology (Department) to study and assess the threat of foreign technologies in the State-owned computer systems. Requires identifying and assessing any threats where they exist, and identifying available remedies. Requires the Department to report its findings and recommendations to the specified NCGA committee by March 1, 2020. 

    Makes conforming changes to the act's titles. 

  • Summary date: Apr 18 2019 - View summary

    Includes whereas clauses.

    Enacts new GS 143B-1363 prohibiting State agencies and constituent institutions of UNC from purchasing information technology hardware and related components that were manufactured in China unless (1) no comparable products can be found that meet the required parameters for availability, performance, security, or functionality; or (2) the cost of a comparable produce exceeds the cost of the Chinese product by 10% or more.

    Requires the Department of Information Technology and UNC to adopt rules and procedures in accordance with the new statute by December 31, 2019.