Bill Summaries: H796 (2013-2014 Session)

  • Summary date: Jul 25 2013 - View summary

    AN ACT EXEMPTING CERTAIN COLUMBARIUMS FROM THE NORTH CAROLINA CEMETERY ACT. Enacted July 23, 2013. Effective July 23, 2013, and expires 18 months after that date.

  • Summary date: Jul 2 2013 - View summary

    Senate committee substitute to the 1st edition adds that the act expires 18 months after it becomes law.

  • Summary date: Apr 11 2013 - View summary

    Amends GS 65-47, providing that a columbarium that is built on the grounds of a private or a self-contained retirement community in a county where no commercially available columbarium exists, funded only by the residents of that community and reserved for the residents' use, will be exempt from the provisions of the NC Cemetery Act.